Caritas Dioqezan Tiranë – Durrës

Rreth Nesh

― Historiku i “Caritas Dioqezan Tiranë-Durrës” ―

History of  ‘Tirana-Durres Diocesan Caritas’ begins in 1998. Initially it was opened for Kosovo Emergency assistance, a large movement which came to Albania because of the  war, taking place in Kosovo. The working group consisted of director, a secretary and a driver who provide social services and health sector, initially served only to face Kosovo Emergency.

Tirana-Durres Diocesan Caritas has developed its activity after the end of this emergency, serving Albanian people with a studied  program  and approved by the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Tirana-Durres, Rrok Mirdita.

Jepni Kontributin

Caritas program and mission of Tirana-Durres was:

Diocesan Caritas Tirana – Durres has continued his mission to help people in need through various projects.


CARITAS, in all its activities, has two beneficiaries: The poor people and the community. Caritas employees are considered educators  of Charity and Caritas goal is to involve the community to raise awareness and help to open their eyes to the difficulties that surround us.

His mission here is not in one  direction, that means the direct aid, concrete, immediate to the poor, but it is bidirectional and pastoral, is a lived experience of meeting, sharing, participation, exchange of people and communities involved and sensitized to the needs of the poor.

Its mission is also to convey Christian values ​​to every individual, care and assistance to people in need, including spiritual aspects, social and material. Equality to every individual. The formation of volunteer groups.


They are  inspired by the Christian faith:

Sharing, care without discrimination.



Dignity to every person




Awareness among groups achieved in the promotion of Christian love.

Achieving  more  groups in need.

Long-term cooperation with local authorities.

Achieving  pre-defined standards.



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