Talaso is a mother of two living in northern Kenya. Photo: Thorn Flint / CAFOD

You can change lives

Help create a sustainable future for vulnerable people by partnering with them to deliver three crucial cornerstones of lasting change – food security, clean water and education.


The difference you can make as a Champion for Change

Caritas regular givers put their compassion into action every single month to partner with some of the world’s most vulnerable people. You can help drive this change and be an integral part of creating lasting, meaningful, and sustainable change for people all over the world. In doing so, you create lasting, positive change by helping to improve access to food security, clean water, and education.

Every month, your gift helps support those who need it most. It helps fund the long-term support and programs vulnerable people and communities need to create sustainable and just futures.

Be a Champion for Change to partner with some of the most vulnerable communities to create lasting change and build a better future. 

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You can create lasting, meaningful and sustainable change

As a Champion for Change, your support creates lasting, positive change through access to clean water, food security, and education. With your commitment, we can address these critical challenges together.


Over 2.2 billion people lack access to safe and clean water, compromising their health and wellbeing. Your regular gift helps us bring clean, accessible water to communities, transforming daily lives and ensuring a healthier future.


Nearly 690 million individuals face the harsh reality of hunger, with many experiencing extreme conditions that threaten their health, education, and livelihoods. Through your support, we can provide sustainable food solutions, ensuring families have the nourishment they need to thrive.

Food Security

Education is a fundamental right, yet 250 million children are currently out of school. Your contributions support educational initiatives, opening doors to opportunity and employment for those who would otherwise be left behind.

Across 36 countries and 90 partners and with the help of our Champions for Change, together we are making a difference and driving lasting change.

You can change the lives of people like Rosalie 

In the heart of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rosalie's journey from a 15-year-old girl caught in the crossfires of conflict to a beacon of hope in her community is a powerful testament to resilience and transformation. The war took from her the invaluable treasures of childhood and education, leaving her future uncertain and her potential untapped.

Rosalie had a second chance at life with the help of the extraordinary commitment of Champions for Change community. With the unwavering support from our partners, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) and Caritas Bukavu, Rosalie was not just able to reclaim her life from the shadows of war; she flourished into a business owner and a community leader, embodying the strength and potential that lies within every individual when given the chance to learn and grow.

This transformation is at the heart of what you, as a Champion for Change, can make possible with your regular gift. Your dedication brings more than just relief; it ignites a flame of hope and progress. By prioritizing education alongside food security and clean water, you can empower individuals like Rosalie to escape the cycle of poverty, to become leaders who inspire and enact change within their communities.


From her life as a former child soldier in the DRC, Rosalie is a now a business owner, a community leader and a role model for other ex-combatants seeking to readjust to civilian life. Photo: Arlette Bashizi/CAFOD
From her life as a former child soldier in the DRC, Rosalie is a now a business owner, a community leader and a role model for other ex-combatants seeking to readjust to civilian life. Photo: Arlette Bashizi/CAFOD
Rosalie with her husband and seven children outside their home in the Buvaku region in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Photo: Arlette Bashizi/CAFOD

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You can change the lives women like Talaso

In the arid expanses of northern Kenya, Talaso, a 20-year-old mother, was once supported by her thriving livestock that dotted the landscape around her. Talaso's world now looks very different due to a relentless drought. The very foundation of her family's livelihood—her livestock—has been nearly wiped out, leaving behind a harsh reality of scarcity. 

"Life used to be easier," Talaso recalls. "We never faced droughts like these. Our livestock were not just animals; they were our sustenance, our income, our comfort. Now, everything has vanished. No food, no water, just a relentless struggle for survival."

For three years, Talaso and her family have been at the mercy of consecutive seasons of inadequate rainfall. As a pastoralist, her life is intertwined with the well-being of her livestock, relying on them for meat, milk, and the means to secure a future for her children through education. Yet, the persistent drought ravaging Kenya has stripped her of this lifeline, casting a shadow over her family's hopes and dreams.

This is where you, as a Champion for Change, can make a profound difference.

Your commitment does more than offer temporary aid; it illuminates a path forward for families caught in the grip of food insecurity like Talaso's. Becoming a Champion for Change empowers you to help communities overcome the challenges of drought by restoring their ability to feed themselves and ensuring their children have access to education. Becoming a Champion for Change today can ensure access to essential resources like food and water, and rekindling the light of education for children who dream of a brighter tomorrow.

Stand with Talaso. Become a Champion for Change today.


Talaso is a mother of two living in Marsabit, northern Kenya. Photo: Thom Flint/CAFOD
Talaso is a mother of two living in Marsabit, northern Kenya. Photo: Thom Flint/CAFOD

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Your regular donations support long-term development programs and humanitarian aid around the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the Pacific.

Giving on a regular basis, even if it’s a small amount, helps to create lasting change for vulnerable communities by providing long-term support. Our partners on the ground can plan for the future and work with Caritas Australia to improve program efficacy and outcomes for people living in poverty. It also enables us to respond quickly to crises when they happen, and provide lifesaving access to water, healthcare, food and shelter.

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